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When you are looking for content, you want someone who knows your industry. You want someone who writes from a background of knowledge and perspective so you look like the expert. You want a content developer who has the experience to make helpful suggestions, provide honest feedback, and work diligently alongside you with integrity. You want someone with the best interest of your organization at heart.

Heidi Tolliver-Walker is a well-respected commercial printing industry analyst who offers high-quality, custom and pre-written content. She brings her 20+ years of experience in the commercial and digital printing markets to authoring and developing white papers, newsletters, blog content, magazine articles, Web content, market research, and even book projects.

On this site you will find two types of pre-written content:

Educational reports that provide a solid, no-nonsense base for training your sales, customer service, and marketing staff in the basics of applications such as 1:1 (personalized) printing / variable-data printing), personalized URLs, Web-to-print, QR Codes, and greening print marketing from a marketing- and client-centric perspective. Reports are 60-65 pages and focus on applications, case studies, and best practices.

Brandable white papers that you can use for content marketing, SEO, site downloads, and to promote your organization and train your customers. Once purchased, this content becomes yours. Use it "as is," give it to your art department to do your own layout, or use it as a base and completely customize to your own organization.

Need help with customization? I'll do it for you at a reasonable fee. Need a something 100% unique to your organization? I'll write it from scratch. I can write under my own byline or under yours.

I've been developing content for 20+ years. If you need it, I'll write it.

NEW! State of 3D Printing in the Commercial Printing Industry

The industry's first (and only) report on 3D printing related specifically and exclusively to commerical print providers.

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